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Top 10 Underwriting Top 10 Ways Midland National's Underwriting Can Make a Difference in Your Life Insurance Business!
1. Relationship Focused
You'll have direct access to friendly, experienced underwriters that genuinely care about your success.

2. Holistic Approach
We take a holistic approach to underwriting, which means we consider the "big picture" and apply credits where appropriate. It's common sense underwriting at its best.

3. Older Age Underwriting
In 2014, the oldest of the Baby Boom generation turned 68. With that in mind, we offer expanded underwriting capabilities in the older age market, including Preferred Plus and Preferred criteria at ages over 70. We understand the market has shifted and we'll provide the best possible rate even for your older-age clientele.

4. We Don't Exclude Treated Cholesterol for Preferred Plus Classification
Simply because clients are being treated for high cholesterol doesn't mean they can't attain our best rate class. As long as the client's cholesterol falls within our criteria, regardless of current medications, the client may be considered for Preferred Plus classification.

5. Customer Interview Exception
Since we don't routinely require a customer interview for cases under $1 million (up to age 69), the underwriting process continues to move efficiently, getting your cases turned around quickly.

6. Alternative Methods to Gather Information
In instances where an APS is not required, we have a useful method to help gather the information necessary to move a case along. It's initiated by the administrative office and is an excellent resource!
  • Physician's Information Line — An impairment specific questionnaire completed by the doctor's office to obtain information on moderate impairments.
  • Interview By Underwriter — A phone interview conducted by an experienced life insurance underwriter to gather information on mild impairments.
7. Temporary Insurance Agreement
The Temporary Insurance Agreement provides a solid guarantee for your clients because they can have coverage in place as long as certain conditions are met. It provides up to 90 days of coverage for up to $1 million face amounts (total in force and applied for with Midland National).

8. No Automatic APS Ordered on Certain Cases
If a case is below age 60 and under $1 million, it won't be slowed down in order to get an automatic APS. If the case is outside these limits, an automatic APS is required.

9. Assigned Case Managers
You not only have direct access to your underwriter, but you also have an assigned case manager who can provide status and requirement assistance and has approval authority. Just another way your business can get issued quicker!

10. Standard Classification (without credits) eligible for Preferred Classes criteria
A client who is standard from a medical perspective may be eligible for Preferred Classes criteria.

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