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We know how hard you work to provide your clients the financial guidance they deserve. That's why we strive to create a lasting partnership with you through long-term stability, enduring relationships, and reward programs.

Long-Term Stability
As part of a privately held company, we are not subject to the short-term earnings pressures that publicly held companies face. We are a company with plans to perpetuate itself for hundreds of years, not the next quarter or fiscal year. We focus on the long term. We focus on you.

In 1961, we embraced the Personal Producing General Agent (PPGA) system. Our PPGA distribution model is further accented by a motivated and highly trained network of regional distribution partners, who are located all across the country. This model continues to be a component of our long-term stability.

Enduring Relationships
From our underwriters to sales support specialists to regional distribution partners, we want great relationships with our independent agents. We know that the keys to a successful relationship are effective communication and excellent support – in short, it means working with you and working for you.
Hit the ground running with your business
Part of creating an enduring relationship with you is providing excellent support. With this in mind, we offer numerous resources to help you grow your sales, track business, and build relationships.
  • JumpStart – As a new agent, you'll be invited to attend a webinar that gives an overview of everything you need to know – from our illustration software and products to underwriting and our website.
  • eBusiness Solutions – Our electronic platform for facilitating new business digitally, efficiently, and effectively
    • ExactApp® – Enjoy faster turnaround times, multiple signature options, and online paramed scheduling.
    • ExactIllustrations – Take advantage of the web-based tablet quoting system where no software downloads are needed.
    • WriteAway® – Get faster underwriting decisions for your healthiest clients with our less-invasive underwriting process, available on most of our term and single life permanent products.

      WriteAway is not available in California.
  • Real-time pending business reports – 24/7 status, so you're never wondering where your cases are.
  • Webinars and seminars – These events provide frequent training and professional development opportunities.
Benefits and Rewards
We enhance our competitive compensation with reward programs, annual conventions at elite destinations, and our non-qualified deferred compensation program. As an independent agent with Midland National, you'll look forward to rewards that recognize your sales efforts.
Club Rewards
As an independent agent with Midland National, you can qualify for membership in one of our production-based clubs. Limited to our top producers, these clubs offer exclusive benefits for your hard work and dedication.

Our high performers may qualify for a trip to our annual convention. In past years, we've traveled to beautiful destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, and Grand Cayman. Convention gives you an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of your peers as we show our appreciation for your hard work.

Final determination of convention qualification will be at the sole discretion of Midland National Life Insurance Company and we reserve the right to deny attendance to any qualifier. Midland National also has full power and authority to determine the validity of all credit awards and to approve all invitations. Conventions can be cancelled without notice and without any obligation on the part of Midland National to any person. Invitations are non-transferable and may not be redeemed in cash. Agents who have requested no publicity are not eligible for conference qualification. Invitees must be duly licensed and appointed with Midland National, and submitting a normal amount of business at the time of conference in order to receive an invitation. All expenses, both agent and approved guest related to the Convention will be considered additional compensation to the agents and will be reported by Midland National to the IRS. An approved guest is usually your spouse. Non-spouse guests must be 21 years or older.


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