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Our universal life (UL) product line-up offers flexibility and options. With three different products, each designed to fit specific sales situations, you'll easily find a product that fits your clients' needs.

Essential Guaranteed® UL – Offers your clients affordable guaranteed death benefit coverage for any length of time – all the way to age 1201. Essential Guaranteed UL also offers a Guaranteed Exchange Privilege that allows your clients to exchange to a Midland National cash accumulation UL without evidence of insurability or surrender charges2, 3.

UL-DB (Universal Life Death Benefit) – Offers low rates and is suitable for many markets including estate planning, wealth transfer, and business buy-sell agreements.

UL-CV (Universal Life Cash Value) – Designed for many types of individuals and purposes, UL-CV is especially beneficial for clients seeking death benefit protection with high cash value accumulation to help supplement retirement income. It also works well for clients seeking access to cash value during the policy's early years.

1Subject to premium payment requirements.

2Not available for policy ages 76 and above or if there is an outstanding policy loan. This privilege is allowed to one of our cash value accumulation universal life policies available at the time of the exchange. The Cash Surrender Value on the new policy may not be greater than the Cash Surrender Value on the policy being exchanged.

3Limitations and restrictions may apply for the Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Chronic Illness.

Essential Guaranteed Universal Life, UL-CV, and UL-DB are issued on policy form series L138, L136, and L137; respectively by Midland National Life Insurance Company, Administrative Office, One Sammons Plaza, Sioux Falls, SD, 57193. Products, features, endorsements, riders or issue ages may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply.

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