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Our well-rounded indexed universal life (XL) product portfolio provides four product options that will easily help you find the right product for your client's needs. With death benefit protection and a shield from negative returns, our XL products provide opportunity for cash value growth and long-term protection.

The secret to the shield from negative returns is the index account.

  • Cash value growth linked to stock market indexes
  • Never less than zero percent – shields your clients from negative returns with a zero percent floor
XL-DB4 (Indexed UL – Death Benefit) – A low-cost structure and broad range of face amounts (beginning at $25,000) make it an affordable personal insurance product for most clients. The available Premium Guarantee Rider1 (PGR), which provides a death benefit guarantee to any age up to attained age, may appeal to clients seeking long-term protection.

XL-EC4 (Indexed UL – Early Cash) – XL-EC4 is a no-premium-load product with competitive early cash values. It offers the potential for positive surrender values in year one when using the product's Waiver of Surrender Charge Option2. When combined with its Table Shaving3 feature the XL-EC4 is particularly appropriate for large lump sums and competitive cases. Great for retirement planning sales, clients with sizable 1035s, business insurance cases and clients who desire early cash values.

XL-CV5 (Indexed UL – Cash Value) – XL-CV5 is a long-term cash-value product. Its broad range of face amounts (beginning at $25,000) make it appropriate for a wide range of clients. XL-CV5 features high target premiums and may be appropriate for cases designed with high level funding at target or above. Great for retirement planning sales without the market risk.

Legacy Guaranteed® SIUL – Legacy Guaranteed Survivorship Indexed Universal Life is a policy that is issued on two individuals and pays a death benefit when the last individual dies. Its available riders allow you to customize the policy to meet the client's needs whether the need is high early cash value, or long term cash value accumulation.

XL-DB4 (policy form series L143), XL-EC5 (policy form series L144, L144W with the Waiver of Surrender Charge), XL-CV5 (policy form series L140), Legacy Guaranteed SIUL (policy form series L139 without Waiver of Surrender Charge and L139W with Waiver of Surrender Charge), L139; Premium Guarantee Rider (PGR) is issued on rider form series TR174 by Midland National Life Insurance Company, Administrative Office, Sioux Falls, SD 57193. Products, features, endorsements, riders or issue ages may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations and restrictions may apply.

Indexed Universal Life products are not an investment in the "market" or in the applicable index and are subject to all policy fees and charges normally associated with most universal life insurance.

1 Subject to premium payment requirements.

2 Available for an additional charge per month. Available for an additional charge per $1,000 per month, depending on issue age and underwriting class.

3 When a person applies for life insurance coverage, his or her health is evaluated and a corresponding underwriting rating is applied. This product's table shaving features allow certain substandard underwriting rates (known as "table ratings") to be improved to a "standard" rating. A "standard" rating generally indicates average health and involves a lower life insurance premium than do substandard ratings.

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